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Speaking Fluently and Accurately by Drilling Yourself with Some Grammar Patterns

Juni 3, 2017


Teacher : “He” Student: “He goes to school.” Teacher: “They.” Student: “They go to school” Teacher: “She” Student: “She goes to school”. This is a typical interaction in an English class in the 1970s and 1980s when it was believed that language learning was a habit formation. The more frequently learners did that kind of […]

Learning How to Speak English: Why Grammar?

Mei 29, 2017


Grammar lessons connote boring atmosphere, tedious repetitive exercises, and, worst of all, fear of saying incorrect forms and getting corrected by the teacher. The latter is obviously not a pleasant experience and is probably the reason why many learners dislike grammar. Thus, many come to a language course and say that they want to learn […]