How Our Influence Leads People

Posted on Mei 14, 2017


Everybody wants to rule the world. That’s what the band Tears for Fears says in one of its songs. Yes that’s right. Everyone wants to rule the world. But in order to rule you need to lead people, and this is where things become challenging.

A leader can be someone who constantly calls the shots, barking orders here and there, using reward and punishment system if need be, in order to make their followers do their tasks. But in the modern time, such a style is increasingly deemed as coarse, less refined, and even less humane. Modern leadership no longer uses coercion and direct commands to get things done. Modern leadership hinges on charisma, something that gets the subordinates to strive to achieve the goals without their boss constantly barking orders behind them.

How can one become a leader that exudes charisma and powerful influence?

First of all, a charismatic leader is a person with integrity. Integrity means that you walk your talk. In other words, it means that what you say runs in harmony with what you do. If you say that you appreciate hard work and team work but you go home before the working hour ends or upsets other people in your team, then you have no integrity. You cannot lead people with this low integrity because they dont see the integration of your talk and your act.

Thus, if you say you appreciate punctuality and demand it from your people, you also have to come to meetings on time. If you say that you never hasten to make judgment before gathering enough information, you have to control your temper when a very annoying rumor comes up.

Maintain this integrity constantly, and chances are you will have the influence over your people. When they feel your influence, chances are they will follow you to achieve the vision that you have set in the first place.

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