God is Nothing

Posted on July 13, 2016



God is nothing. No thing. No THING. Because if He were  a thing, he would be  subject to decay and death.


Being No Thing, God accepts and understands all That Is. We are all God because we carry His image, and in fact, is  the source of that image itself. Thus, Life is God’s having experiences, ALL experiences (yes, all bad and good things; Hitler’s genocide and Mother Teresa included)  God wants to know experientially what He has known conceptually. Thus, all experiences are sacred.


As an omnipotent being, God is incredibly intelligent. Thus, He is never limited. He is nowhere and therefore everywhere. If He knows that a few humans go astray from their “human-made religions”, avoiding church and the so-called Holy Bible, He’ll find other ways to remind these people of His grandeur and Love. This reminder can come from their life experiences, their conflicts with others, their inner turmoil, and even their dreams or seemingly trivial matters in everyday life.


Being boundless, it simply makes no sense that God should be limited to Sunday’s mass and the so-called Holy Bible. Yes, God is present at churches and the bibles, too, but He is also present in many other venues, in billions and gigazillions of different life forms acroos the universe and beyond.  God cannot be caged in rituals and the so-called Holy Bible, which is no more than a fallible version of recounts and extremely long chain of interpretation and linguistic translation imbued with cultural influence.



If you are uneasy with the word “God”, replace it with this more neutral term: “consciousness”. Consciousness is an extremely  abstract, formless, vast and eternal field; it  is never born and never dies, has no beginning and no end. More importantly: it has existed long, long before your organized religions were founded and used to scare and intimidate the human race.



So why not religions? Because the very moment you identify yourself with a certain religion, you’ll inevitably separate yourself from others. You will call the others: “people of different beliefs.” Not long after that you will begin resenting them, labeling them negatively (kafir, sinners, lost souls etc), and finally waging war against them. That is far from being spiritual, which essentially is about accepting and understanding that all is ONE. All come from the ONE and will return to that ONE. The saying “religions divide, spirituality  unites” is not a non sense. It is simply true.




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