Pidato Yudisium Sastra Inggris Juli 2014

Posted on Juli 7, 2014


Dear graduates of English Letters,

I can sum up your experience in four simple clauses: “What you did has brought you here, and what you will be doing afterwards will shape your future.”

Congratulations to all of you for a task well done. After your first step to Universitas Ma Chung, it surely is a long way to come to this graduation day. You have learned many things, struggled many times, fallen many times, but also risen many times. You have conquered not only the challenges of the assignments and exams but also yourselves, for it is actually yourselves who determine whether you will take on those challenges and how much efforts you’ll exert in that endeavor.

Now the future lies ahead of you. It is much as exciting as it is promising. It is exciting because you have never been there before, and it is promising because if you are smart and tactful and wise, you will reap many benefits, financially, socially and psychologically from the real world.

I have always stressed again and again the importance of personality and interpersonal skills to live successfully in the real world. In my view, all of you have the seeds of these three: beauty, brain, behavior. Now, not many of us are endowed with enticing beauty. If that’s the case, strive for brain. Be intelligent. But, well, not all of us are also endowed with a genius brain. In that case, strive for behavior. Eventually, whether you are beautiful and brainy or whether you are just average, always show a good behavior, because eventually that’s what connects you to others; that’s what people appreciate most in you. In turn, your good bonds with others will empower you to reach your goal, and eventually to reach your big success.

As I take a short moment of reflection to your years in Ma Chung, I catch glimpses of you studying, doing assignments, joining extracurricular activities, and also flashes of you busy with your gadgets during a class, coming late for classes or submitting assignments in the very last seconds, persistent grammatical errors, persistent tendency of copy pasting, and many other things. Now that you are graduates and fully mature grown-ups, you should reflect on those undesired behaviors and make a vow to get rid of them. You are graduates, you are now Bachelors of English Letters; soon you will be making a great stride toward the real world. The real world is not as kind as your college and lecturers; the people out there may not know you; the name Ma Chung may not impress them, so then it’s your job to let them know who you are. Show them what you can do, prove to them that even though your GPA is not four point something, you can present yourselves as talented, cooperative, honest, passionate and nice persons to work with.

So, you may keep this in mind: be beautiful, be smart, but above all, behave well.

Once again my congratulations to all of you, and I wish you all success and happiness in your future journey. God bless you all.

Thank you.

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