Graduates with Good Character

Posted on Juli 22, 2013


Dear graduates,

This is my third speech for the graduation ceremony of our Faculty of Language and Arts at Universitas Ma Chung. If I look back a little, I have been giving a lot of advice, so today I’m going to start my address with a question. This is an introspective question: “What kind of person were you back in 2008 or 2009 when you entered Ma Chung?” Think about that for a while, and then ask another introspective question: “what kind of person are you now?”

If you find that you have become a better person, then you should be grateful.

But if you find the opposite, then you have to be careful.

As I said in my earlier speech, the world is changing rapidly, and you need to keep up with that. The world is more demanding: it is not enough to be able to speak English, because you have to communicate effectively. It’s not enough to write grammatically, because you also have to write effectively and appropriately to the context. It’s not enough to get something done, because you have to be more creative in offering more effective and efficient procedures.

Above all, show and shape your true character.

It’s all right to be what you were a few years ago, but as you live more experience you should shape your character to be better persons.

If you were smart, be smarter.

If you were emotional, be calmer and more controlled.

If you were passive and quiet, be more active and articulate.

If you were laid-back and lame, be more hardworking and quick.

As I have spoken in many different occasions, the world out there respect people with positive character. Four years have passed since your first day at Ma Chung, and that four years should be enough for you to go to the real world bringing your true improved character. My question at the beginning of this speech should prompt you to do some introspection, and, on the basis of that self-checking, determine that you are now ready for the real field, real life awaiting for your contribution.

Have a good journey into your future. You may be a small spot among millions of other graduates, but make sure that you stand out among the others with your true character and real contribution to the betterment of your environment.

Malang, 19 July 2013

Patrisius Istiarto Djiwandono

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