Sambutan Dekan untuk Para Wisudawan

Posted on July 6, 2012


Dear all proud graduates,

It is with great pride and gratitude to the Lord Almighty that we are now gathering here to mark the graduation ceremony of English Letters Study program. Dear students, you soon are going to leave this campus as graduates. You should be very proud of your achievements but please spend a moment to contemplate on this:

What you did has brought you here.

What you are doing now will shape your future.

So, the question is: to be or not to be?

If you decide to open and run your own business and start selling goods or services, the question is: to buy, or not to buy?

If you think about pursuing further studies, the question is: to study, or not to study?

If you are in a serious relationship, the question will be: to tie the knot, or not to tie the knot?

If you decide to get a long rest after the grueling four years at Ma Chung, the question will be: to sleep, or to stay awake?

The point is this: you have been shaped in the last 4 years of your life in Ma Chung. Now you have come to a point where you are about to make a further step for yourself. You have the potential to shape the world around you.

If you are considering teaching, the world out there is full of teaching opportunities for you to realize your potential. Love your students, be a good model for them, inspire them and lead them to their own success stories.

If you decide to open your own business, you’d start drawing up a plan, establishing social network, and raising enough fund. Run your business well, be tough, be honest, take on that winning spirit, yet be humble enough to always learn from your surrounding.

If you decide to pursue further studies, you’d start looking for grants or preparing yourself for the next few years in university. Be persistent, study hard, excel in your academic tasks, and graduate with flying colors.

If you decide to seek work experience first, you’d start writing up application letters and sending them to companies. Be a good employee, do your tasks well, show your positive character, and act with integrity.

If you decide to do nothing but relax, then you’d be having a lot of good and unproductive time. You would waste the time, energy and money that you spent for studying here. Be . . . wasted.

This university has not only encouraged you to learn many new skills and knowledge. It also gets you to realize your capacity, talent and aspiration, as well as the limit of your potential.

Now, it is your turn to keep the life going, and not only going meaninglessly, but going ahead to a certain path. You have got your diploma, a pile of structured knowledge and plenty of new skills in your mind and hands, plus a public recognition that you are now a graduate, a scholar, an educated person.

So take the chance now. Decide your future from now on. Don’t just sit back and have a good time. The good time only lasts as long as the money supply from your parents lasts. Once it is dried up, you’d be forced to rush out there and grab some opportunities in this already a very competitive world.

Today is the day when your study ends formally at Ma Chung University. But please keep in mind that your lifelong learning never ends. There is no such thing as stopping learning from life. The lessons are always out there, sometimes disguised as bad experiences, heartbreaking episodes, failures, or simply disappointment. Bring your new skills, spirit, wisdom and lessons that you have learned from us at this University. Bring all of them to conquer the vast world out there.

God bless you all, and we wish you all a successful, rewarding, and enriching journey into the future.

*) Sambutan Dekan dibacakan di wisuda Prodi Sastra Inggris, Fakultas Bahasa dan Seni, Universitas Ma Chung, 6 Juli 2012.

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