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Posted on September 29, 2011


I guess I am addicted to blogging. Even when I have no idea running in my mind, I still find myself sitting in front of my netbook and opening my blog, as if expecting sudden sparks if ideas to move my fingers across the keyboard and typing a post. This is what is happening at this very moment.

On Shangri-La’s hotel room: this hotel is luxurious, but really, the walls separating the rooms are terribly thin. I was spending a night with my wife last week, and, much to our chagrin, we found that the wall barely contained our talks. The sound of the people next room could be heard. “This is not an ideal condition for a second honeymoon,” I said to her as I was hugging her in the bed.

On the trip to Jakarta: I was assigned to a training on effective leadership with five other MaChungers. I was not quite delighted to realize that I had to leave my classes during the week. But as I often say to myself: “every experience is worth it” soon I got myself tuned to it, and before long, I found some valuable lessons from the training.

On cooking: During my stay in an apartment in Jakarta with my other five colleagues, I am brought to a realization of the importance of cooking. These last two days I really turn into a clumsy male among four women, especially when it comes to preparing breakfast. I really wish I could prepare my own breakfast, but at this stage, with my present ability, it may spell a disastrous morning. So I can only sit or walk around awkwardly while my female colleagues are busy preparing the breakfast, which also include my coffee and bread and noodle.

“So I really have to learn how to cook!” I said to myself, a promise which I know I will never fulfill . . .🙂

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