Purpose-Driven Life

Posted on September 4, 2011


“Hang your ideal as high as the moon; at least, if you fail to reach the moon you will still grab the star”.

This expression is often said at a motivational seminar. If you watch closely and view it critically, though, you will notice that it is flawed in logic. Moon is closer to Earth than a star. Therefore, the expression should go “hang your ideal as high as the star; at least, if you fail to reach the star, you will stall grab the moon.”

Language problem aside, I think the expression should be taken as an encouragement to always have a purpose in our life, in everything we do. We start from the future back to the present; that is, we imagine what we want to achieve in the future, and then work our way back to the present, identifying along the way important stages that eventually lead to that ideal. Say, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you start by creating in your mind a successful condition of your business: smooth operations, skilled employees, wide networks, steady profit, and many others. Then, you step back from that imagination, identifying what is required to attain all those niceties: bank loan, shrewd business strategies, accurate needs profiling of your segment market, good communication skills, and many others.

Yeah, everything starts with a well-defined purpose. It is a purpose-driven life, after all.

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