Misteri dan Sensasi Memancing

Posted on September 3, 2011


There is nothing crazier than waiting for a fish to snatch the bait dangling from a hook in a murky water. The water is dirty. I don’t know how many fish there are inside; I dont even know if there is any fish at all there. Even if there are some, I don’t know for sure if one of them would take a bite on my bait and get itself hooked, and well, . . . fished.

But that is exactly what makes fishing such a pastime that attracts many people.

I went fishing yesterday morning with my former student, Yerly, and his father-in-law and brother-in-law. I was the most amateur one among them. The last time I fished was when I was 10 years old and now I am a forty-four year old man, so you can imagine how long it is.

But I guess I was the luckiest one. After fishing for about two hours (plus half an hour struggling to operate the fishing rod correctly) , the luck rewarded me with a very small fish that was stupid enough to bite my bait. Not long after that, I got a slightly bigger one. Then I got a strike again with another bigger one, this one featuring reddish color on its chest and dark spots that looked like exotic characters. My companions, however, who are much more experienced fishermen, got away with only three small fish, so small that at first one of them wanted to throw the fish back to the water. “No, keep it as a proof,” I suggested. “ Maybe for an experienced fisherman, catching a small fish in front of an amateur is an unbearable embarrassment, I thought.

Four fishermen in a row, and only one was the luckiest one that day. It is a mystery on its own, right? Why did the fish get fatally attracted to my bait, but not to the others’ ?. I even offered my spot to them, saying, “Hey, why don’t you move here to this spot? I have caught two here, so I guess you must also be lucky.” They did, but still they got away with nothing. Mysterious! Was it because I am a Pisces? Ah, non sense!

*) Many thanks to Yerly Arnold Datu for insisting that I really should go with him fishing together. That experience was really worth it. Let us do it again someday!

**) Foto di atas saya taruh di Facebook. Sekitar setengah jam kemudian, seorang friend yang juga punya hobi memancing, nampaknya merasa terusik dengan foto saya, dan dia pampangkan fotonya bersama hasil tangkapannya, yaitu seekor ikan yang guedhenya hampir seukuran saya. Mungkin dia berpikir: “Halah! Lha wong dapat ikan sa’ ipet (bs. Jawa, artinya: kuueeciiil soro!) aja udah pake dipajang di FB. Nih, aku pasang gambar ikan tangkapanku. Ini nih baru ikan!”

Saya pikir, asyiknya memancing adalah mendapatkan ikan, tak perduli seberapapun kecilnya, setelah menunggu dengan sabar berjam-jam. Maka biar ikannya sekecil itu, tetap saja saya pajang fotonya di FB. Esensi foto itu dengan foto teman saya dengan tangkapan raksasanya itu sebenarnya sama: “Horeee! Aku dapat ikan!”

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