Managing Conflict part 1

Posted on August 7, 2011


If you are on the offended side, you have to acknowledge your anger. You have the rights to be angry, or mad, which sometimes translates into loud protests. But if it happens that it is your loved ones who offend you, this period of wild outbursts should be followed immediately by the willingness to forgive.

If you are the one who, deliberately or unintentionally, hurts your loved ones, you should be prepared to take the anger from him or her. This is easier said than done: accepting the fact that you have wronged him, and taking the initiative to make up with him/her.

One more thing that I have learned over the years: time heals. You have little chances of making up with someone you have hurt, or forgiving someone who has just offended you if the attempt is done while the anger and all the grudges are still simmering. So that’s when the cooling down period begins: you’d find yourselves shutting each other out for some time. But time goes on, and not only that, it also slowly heals the wounds. Still somewhere in the thread of timeline, you find this sudden drive to initiate reconciliation.

And then it’s all sweet all over again . . . . . mmmuach, mmuach . . .🙂

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