Cara Cepat Mengusir Stress

Posted on June 23, 2011


“Saya sudah bosan hidup. Saya ingin membunuh semua orang”.

And then he got off a subway train and stabbed a dozen of people with a knife, killing some and wounding the others severely.

I was so appalled reading this news about a desperate Japanese man that I dropped the paper on the floor and could not help trembling a bit.

How many of us are feeling that way? So sick of this life, thinking that nobody cares about us, losing spirits, and then deciding to take it out on every one that we happen to see, killing them off, feeling no remorse, before killing ourselves?

Apart from Ryan’s case which has been making the headlines these days, I never notice this despair-driven mass killing in Indonesia. But advanced societies in the West have been plagued with this problem (read my posting “The Shooting Americanos”), which convinces me that despite the rapid technological and economical progress they make, they are losing grips on something else: the human touches, the spiritual guidance, the ability to cherish even the darkest moments in life, the support from friends and loved ones . . .

We Indonesians, despite our lagging behind almost in every respect, are much more tolerant of hardships and somber feelings. We cope with them. It’s like as if we were saying to this life: “Ok, I am feeling sad and down, but well, . . . this is the way it is.”

Human touch is getting rare in these days where people gaze at their PC or laptop or cell phone monitors and then giggle themselves . How would you feel now if, during a hectic day, suddenly a familiar face appears right before you, saying “Hi! How are you there?”, or just smiling, delivering that human quality that even the most sophisticated robot cannot ever replicate?

If you consider them nuisance, think again. These flesh-and-blood beings may be the ones you yearn when you feel so down and sad you want to finish off others’ lives and yourself.

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