Memimpin: Persiapan Selasa 24 Mei 2011 jam 10 di Balai Pertiwi

Posted on May 22, 2011


Leading a group of people with academic degrees and lots of experiences calls for a tactful approach. I would rather stand behind, closely watch them to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and then carefully assign to them tasks that suit their predispositions. Yet once this is done, I would still keep an eye on them, closely monitoring their performances, matching them against the predetermined Key Performance Indicators, and evaluate them on a regular basis. The evaluation may turn out results that tell me either of these two things: adjust the KPI, or compliment them and promote their positions.

This is what Ki Hadjar Dewantara refers to as Tut Wuri Handayani. Being a quiet and introverted person, I think this is the style that fits my personality, and the style that this institution needs.

I would appoint people as directors and managers and head of faculties who I think are passionate, quick, responsive, and are open to any criticisms. For this to happen, I would have to have a really rigorous system of recruitment in place. This would entail a reliable set of instruments for measuring their cognitive abilities as well as interpersonal skills. Coupled with on-going evaluation, I believe this will keep them on the right track of development.

Certainty. This is what every employee wants. How much will I earn here? What’s my career ladder like? What should I do to climb up the ladder? Thus, what I need is a system that makes it clear to everyone what they will have to give to this place and what they will take from this workplace.

Money. Fine, everyone needs money, and the more the better. But in my opinion, you deserve more money if you can show to me that you are potentially good in the beginning, you fit in well in the community, and you turn out works that prove to sharpen our competitive edge, be it in terms of service, new programs, more popularity, or refined qualities of our students.

Mediating is best. This is where a third party, a non-partisan, listens to both sides who are opposed to each other, persuading empathy in each of them and offering a win-win solution that both may have overlooked during their conflict.

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