A Good Lesson from A Pilot

Posted on February 11, 2011


He grabs me by the arm very tightly.

“Listen! Listen very carefully!” He says. “You gotta be straight-minded!”

“Haven’t I ?” I say plaintively.

“No! No!” He snaps. “You haven’t tried hard enough! You gotta be tough! Much tougher than you are now!”

“I am–”

“That’s what you always say, always like that, but you don’t live up to it!”

“Maybe that’s because I’m very stupid.”

Silence. . . . . A long pause . . . . He eases up his firm grip. . . .

“Far more important than admitting you are a moron is this . . .” he shows a picture of a pilot ejecting out of his crippled airplane.

“What is it?” I ask, foolishly.

“There is a lesson behind this picture,” He says. “A very good and smart pilot knows he can’t win every battle. There are times when he has to admit defeat, and he wisely decides to bail himself out before he perishes with his deteriorating jet plane!”

Woooo. . . . keren, kereen!!

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