Jatuh Cinta Pada Pandangan Pertama

Posted on February 4, 2011


Di grup saya di Facebook yang namanya Machungaiwo, salah satu isu yang saya tanyakan adalah: “do you believe in love at the first sight?”. Jawabannya beragam, mulai dari yang setengah guyon sampai serius. Nah, yang serius adalah dari Adelia Nastiti (mantan co-mentor Curcuminoid). Menurut dia, jatuh cinta pada pandangan pertama itu masuk akal, karena setiap orang dilahirkan dengan kepingan-kepingan elemen yang berbeda. Kepingan itu ada yang akan cocok satu sama lain, ada yang tidak. Nah, ketika seseorang dengan kepingan elemen A bertemu dengan seorang lain yang membawa kepingan pelengkapnya, begitu bertukar pandang mereka langsung secara naluriah tahu bahwa kepingan mereka berdua akan saling melengkapi. Kalimat terakhir di ulasan Adel berikut ini menggambarkan perasaan itu: “kita berdua nampaknya ditakdirkan untuk saling melengkapi satu sama lain”.

Ini adalah versi lengkap dari Adel (fasten your seat belt. It is written in English!):

“In Jungian psychology, it is described that each human has ‘guru’ inside him. Jung also says that as a human born and brought into this life, he is incomplete …i.e. split into elements which could also be incompatible to each other. Furthermore, there could be also some elements missing from oneself and must be found. In one’s life journey, Jung assumes that human is prompted by a reflective energy to get the individuality. It is to attain the self-archetype or completeness which is usually symbolized as Mandala.”

Some people have enough energy to feel the ‘guru’, and let it take over themselves. For those who believe, they’ll be easily attracted to other’s archetype which is similar or even selfsame with the missing archetype they’re ‘looking for’. When two persons meet, and one’s missing archetype is existing in the other one, and vice versa (? *not sure ’bout this word*), so they could have that such feeling known as love at the first sight. Yeah like, “the very first time I saw you, I know we are meant for each other.”


Hi! It’s Patrisius again:

What do I think? Well, kinda believe in it, but kinda skeptical, too. Well, I may stretch my thinking a little further: what if there are more than two corresponding elements? What if I find my match not only in one person, but several others? Would that mean we are actually destined as a group of lovers, instead of only couples?

Jawaban Shanty lebih kurang mirip dengan baris-baris saya di atas:

“My romantic side says yes and even hope for it,, but my logic says it nonsense and tell me it’s useless to believing.. nyeemm…”


Yang menarik dan lucu adalah jawaban dari Fiona Hartanto. Dia bilang begini:

“Falling in love is totally different from love… love is love but falling in love will eventually change into falling out of love hehehe…”

dan ini mengundang jawaban usil dari saya:

Loh, why fall out of love? I always fall in love, and then, instead of coming back out of it, I dig deeper and deeper into love. . .”

Tapi sejujurnya dan serius, jawaban saya adalah ini:

“I think I’m more to Shanty’s attitude: I am stunned, but then a few secs later I’d say: “but that may be misleading. She may have terrible personality.” All of the women I got close with did not impress me at all when we met at the first time. But when time passed by, they turned into someone….aaawwh, God, sweet!:)”

You decide!

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