Posted on January 20, 2011


What does love really mean?

May be it means being attracted to someone and wishing that you own him or her.

But then you learn that your desire to possess him or her is the seed of your unhappiness.

So maybe it means getting attracted to someone and not wanting him or her.

But soon you realize that it is hardly possible. “HOw could I love you without wanting you?” you may ask.

So maybe it means admiring someone and letting go of him or her, praying silently for his or her happiness, and wishing quietly that someday she or he may be yours.

But that is very complicated . . .!

Or, maybe love is something you hold on in your hands, and, as you grow older and wiser, you finally see how you should evolve along with it.

To me, at my age now, love means holding one close in heart, giving, understanding, paying attention, guiding patiently, and at the same time fully realizing that there will be one day where I will happily let go of that beloved one . . .

Maybe . . . .

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