About Last Night

Posted on January 18, 2011


” You make me cheerful, and I feel comfortable and calm when I talk with you”.

In this modern age, instant ‘happiness’ is possible. You get almost everything at the click of a mouse or a few strokes on the keyboard. But when you know someone is definitely not happy, you cannot expect much from instantaneous approach.

It takes time. Patience. Courage. Wisdom. Steadfast commitment to understanding the person whom you care about very much.

I am not claiming myself to be a great healer, or even a good mentor. And that’s why I shudder a little when I know someone needs my attention and guidance. But on the other hand, this cry for help serves to wake me up. It galvanizes me to take actions. And the first action is definitely this: improving myself.

For how could I improve someone else’s life if I am not a better person myself in the first place?

So, I am not making a promise to help solve all of the problems. I am only making both of us rest assured that we will make every possible effort to escape the gloominess and sadness. Things may not be easy, but we are lucky to have time on our side. Time is a great asset. See it as a spacious piece of fertile land upon which we can sow the seeds of self-healing, deep contemplation, mutual understanding, sharing of experiences, learning about wisdom, patience, and eventually feeling the abundance of grace and God’s eternal love.

Yours truly,


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