This Magic Thing

Posted on November 25, 2010


Third-eye. Instinctive thought. Pre-cognition.

Whatever you call it, but this weird thing has struck me three times this month. I wrote this at 10.15 p.m. A few hours ago, I was sitting on my balcony, a little tired, and I kinda let everything go just like that: no ego, no plan, no thinking, just surrendering to the cosmos. Suddenly I had it: the sight of me getting up from bed, looking down at my blinking cellphone, and reading the coming sms from a mentee of mine. It was at 8 o’clock. . . .

At 10 p.m. I was still half asleep in my bed. Suddenly the sound of an sms beep woke me up. I got up as if dragged by a power, opening the door, and experiencing what I saw in my mind a few hours earlier: staring down at my cellphone, reading the sms, . . . . it was from her. Even the name was matched!

Earlier in the month I was watching Moto GP2. Three bikes ahead. Suddenly that weird thing struck: I saw that the blue bike, who was on the fourth position, would win. A few laps later, he was getting farther from the leading bike. Then, only two laps to the finish, the red bike in front went wide, and hit the gravel! The second one lost its pace; the blue bike zoomed to the front, slipping into the slipstream, overtook the leader, and . . . won the race! Just as what I saw a few minutes back!

Magic? Coincidence? Pisces strong intuition? You may laugh at this, fine, I dont care. I am simply awed. . . .

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