Why Feeling Moody

Posted on October 18, 2010


Do you sometimes feel sad without any apparent reason? Or, moody, to be more precise. Things are doing well, no money problem, no insurmountable obstacles, yet you just feel like that: gloomy, surly, . . .

Then you look deeper into your mind and find that you are stuck to a particular episode in your life which was horrible, or sad. You just cant let go of it. . . .

I am not a shrink, so I browsed quite a bit to learn more about this feeling. Here is what one of the websites offers as an explanation:

“It is the drama of your soul. It lies very deep in your spiritual realm, which explains why it doesn’t seem connected to your fine, cheerful daily lives. It is deeply linked to your past, loong, long way back into your past, beyond your present life, . . .to what you were or what you did before your present life!”

Oh, so deep? Karmic cycle? Hmm . . .

“There was something that didn’t get peacefully resolved in your past. Then it follows you to the present time, then you feel the painful bite when you run into a person, or an event that somehow is a reminiscent of that past incident.”

So, what should you do?

“Carry on with your present life,” wrote the advisor. “Go on living your happy life. Enjoy it, and, this is important: admit the blue feeling, let it linger, because there is nothing you can do to drive it away. But while admitting the pain, just go on with your activities, engage in something you like, derive satisfaction from your achievements, enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones.”

It’s 8:10 now. I’d better stop writing and resume my office work. But I promise I’ll get back to this mind-boggling issue.

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