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Posted on June 2, 2010


Often as a teacher and/or mentor I am confronted with a question: how can you be sure that your mentees will grow up to be good and smart citizens? You know that you have been complaining a lot about their behavior, their lackluster pace, their poor awareness of obligations, their fragile ego?

Well, that takes me back to my young days, when I was a lad at my early twenty. Somehow I saw features that I am now watching in my mentees/students: we laughed a lot, we didn’t take our studies seriously, we jeered at our lecturers, we protested loudly and thought that we were always right.

But then we grew up more, picking up good lessons from our life experiences; we began assuming responsibility in our professional spheres and families, and then we sort of came to our senses. We became more tolerant, we tone down our expression of dissatisfaction, we become more patient and more conscientious in our career . . .

I guess that’s the route my mentees will also take. Once they graduate, once they assume responsibility in their workplaces or families, they’d be less unruly, more self-disciplined, more controlled in our temper. . . .

I have nothing to worry about.

Just a comment on this picture above: cute!

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