Allahu Akbar

Posted on September 30, 2009


by PID

As an insomniac, I often find myself waking up at wee hours, like 3 or 4 a.m. in the morning. Unable to get back to sleep, I let myself float along the sounds of nature as the dawns is breaking. And amidst the humming sounds of the night appearing its end, one distinct sound I can hear is the Moslem calls of prayers from the nearby mosques.

“Allahu Akbar . . .”

I have been used to this sound since I was a very young child. Adzan is part of our culture in Indonesia. Of whatever religion or faith you are, you are very familiar with this Moslem ritual. Of course, as a non-Muslim, I usually hear it but not listen to it. Only recently have I sensed a little significance of that call to my own life. Somehow I can relate that to this life.

The Adzan prayer is long, entirely spoken in Arabic, a language I never know. But I am sure that everything spoken in it is a praise to God’s glory, and a plea for God’s protection. It’s an endless admiration and respect to the One Creator, who creates Earth and its abundance for us, humans. It’s a constant reminder that we have to live this life with Him as our guidance. It’s essentially a call to love this life, to love mankind as you do love your God. The prayer is definitely that of Moslem, is undeniably in Arabic, but surely it transcends the boundaries of that religion and that language across all faiths and all tongues on Earth.

I am not surprised to find that many times when I feel worried over something, hearing the Adzan subuh piercing the dawn somehow ensures me of His protection.

As a Catholic, I cannot understand most of what is spoken save for the two words: “Allahu Akbar” . But I guess that’s enough for me.

Allahu Akbar. God is great.

God is great . . .

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